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  • Elaina Cawley

Farmers markets ‘enliven’ communities

Shoppers at Manchester's Farmers Market
Manchester Farmers Market

The aromas of just-picked tomatoes and cucumbers mix with herbal and floral scents to create a perfect fragrant experience. Walk from booth to booth, chat with vendors, take in the red, green and yellow colors of vegetables and the aromas of plants and herbs, while at the same time enjoying the light breeze and sunshine as you explore farmers markets. The warm seasons bring many delights, and one of them is the opportunity to buy fresh vegetables, fruit, jams, honey, eggs, pork, beef, flowers and baked goods. Not only do farmers markets offer fresh produce but they provide a glimpse into the personality of a community.

Farmers market in Manchester

In Manchester, the farmers market is in downtown Manchester, at East Fort Street.

Local farmers, bakers and canners greet shoppers every Saturday, from May until the end of October. The operating hours are 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. The market is under a covered pavilion, with public restrooms available. The market was established in 1984.

You can purchase a wide selection of fresh produce from local producers, including eggs, beef and pork products, honey, plants, homemade canned and baked goods. Enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to music while you’re chatting with vendors and browsing.

Benefits of farmers markets

Farmers markets bring joy to vendors and visitors and have many benefits. In addition to helping preserve the nation’s rural livelihood and stimulating local economies, farmers markets provide a glimpse into the heart and personality of communities. Local growers create jobs and increase access to fresh and nutritious food. Produce at farmers markets is usually cheaper than at supermarkets, according to Additionally, farmers markets support healthy and informed communities. Vendors educate their customers. Farmers talk with shoppers about farming practices, nutrition and recipes.


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