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J&G Pizza and Steakhouse: A Testament to Community and Tradition in Manchester, Tennessee

Nestled in the heart of Manchester, Tennessee, stands a testament to a legacy of love, dedication, and community spirit - the J&G Pizza and Steakhouse. Run by the Rouvelas family, this establishment is more than just a restaurant. It's a piece of Manchester's history, a living tribute to the spirit of a small Greek village, and above all, a gathering place for a community that spans several generations.

The roots of the J&G Pizza and Steakhouse date back to almost five decades ago when the Rouvelas family, led by parents who hailed from a small village near Corinth, Greece, decided to set their dreams on the small town of Manchester. Their daughter, Kiki Sherrill, who now runs the restaurant with her husband Justin, recalls, "The small-town atmosphere probably reminded them of home."

Interestingly, the restaurant predates even Interstate 24, which was completed around 1973, bearing witness to the town's evolution. It has stood the test of time, much like the traditional recipes and the family ethos it embodies.

For the Rouvelas family, J&G Pizza and Steakhouse is not just about serving food but about building relationships. Kiki's mother, known for her remarkable memory, sees their customers as an extended family. From birthdays to farewells, she's there, sharing their joys and sorrows.

However, their connection to the community extends beyond the restaurant's walls. "We try to help out anybody that asks," says Kiki, acknowledging their commitment to give back to the community that has embraced them and their business. From sponsoring local sports programs to offering a helping hand during tough times, their philanthropy knows no bounds, yet remains humbly unspoken.

The Rouvelas family's ethos, deeply rooted in gratitude, is reflected in their actions. Lisa Rouvelas, Kiki's mother, firmly believes in the importance of staying humble, despite their success. "We are very fortunate to have all the support we have in the community, so it's important for our family to give back," shares Kiki, echoing her mother's sentiments.

Over the years, Manchester has witnessed significant changes – businesses have sprung up and moved on, parks have been built, schools have been relocated. Amidst this change, J&G Pizza and Steakhouse has remained, steadfast and reliable, a beloved constant in a changing landscape.

J&G Pizza and Steakhouse is a story of two cultures blending, of a family's journey from a small Greek village to the heart of Tennessee, and their unwavering commitment to their community. It's a story of Manchester and its people, brought together by a shared love for good food and camaraderie. As you step into the restaurant, you're not just a customer – you're family, and you're part of a tradition that's been lovingly cultivated for almost half a century.


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